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A Few Sur Ron Upgrades Can Increase The Top Speed Of This Electric Bike

The Sur Ron electric bike has become really popular over the past few years because of its price and accessibility. It only costs $4,300, which is considerably more than your typical eBike, but far less than high end electric bikes. When you discover the Sur Ron comes with 5000 watts of power and a 32 amp hour battery the value this electric bike offers becomes obvious. While 5kw of power is a lot, many enthusiasts choose to install Sur Ron upgrades that increase the power of the electric bike to 7000 watts. Matt from Juiced Joyrides created an in depth Sur Ron upgrades video detailing the changes he made to his electric bike to increase the top speed to over 55 mph. While most of the Sur Ron upgrades Juiced Joyrides made are for increased comfort, the BAC 4000 controller upgrade was the $1000 upgrade that made the bike go faster.

The Sur Ron is a great platform for individuals who like to customize and upgrade their bike. There is a huge market for upgradable parts on this particular electric motorcycle. You can learn all about the upgrade Juiced Joyrides made to his $6000 Sur Ron electric bike on the official YouTube channel. You can also learn how to increase the top speed of your electric bike and how to do wheelies as well.