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Access Control Systems – For Fast, Safe, And Secure Entry Gates

Access control security systems are designed and developed in such a way as to restrict physical access to authorized persons only. Many public and private companies have started using access control systems to physically enter their facilities. 

In addition to long-standing security queues, access control systems can help any business improve operational efficiency and reduce costs by enabling integration with a wide range of products and solutions for employees. However, if you are also looking for more security at your place then you can also have an access control system via

Access Control System

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There are several advantages of access control systems such as:

  • The access control system allows centralized control of all your security
  • Avoid the problem of missing keys
  • Anyone without a personal identification number, access card, or rights has no access
  • Restrict access to the parking lot to authorized personnel
  • Allows restricted access, protection of equipment and inventory – e.g. IT staff to server rooms
  • Improve people management with reports showing movement and time tracking
  • Provides off-site system management and control
  • Access control systems free companies from espionage. 

Great features of this system in hotels:

  • Automatic registration process
  • Allows guests to stay in the room for only 2 minutes
  • Easy-to-use large touch screen
  • Accepts all major credit and debit cards
  • Showing room pictures with function
  • Removing room key or key card
  • Standard 24 and 40 key modules, optional
  • Interface to our keyboard door lock
  • Standard receipt printer
  • Allows key handover outside business hours
  • Instructions with voice assistance
  • Pick up and place breakfast orders
  • The pavilion remote control is standard
  • Complete ongoing maintenance and service.