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AI Integrations That Are Refining Mobile Apps Performance In Philippines

From intelligent chatbots to speech recognition, mobile apps are now evolving to be the smartest of business tools. Artificial Intelligence or simply AI is one of the computer science fields that helps machines or technology tools to act like a person.

There are many companies that provide reliable network and communication solutions. However, here are some already prominent tools of AI, famous for taking the performance of apps to the next level.


Chatbots are interesting artificial intelligence tools that narrow the gap between businesses and their customers. Most brands or companies' service providers are integrating it into their dominant application to revolutionize the way customers interact with them.

Image Source: Google

You no longer have to wait for sales or customer service representatives to respond to your email questions or problems. The chatbots later announced that they were increasing responses to queries and getting more conversions for businesses.

Voice control

The digital voice assistant is too much the result of AI, helping mobile users initiate many tasks they are physically unable to perform. There are many cases when people cannot reach the device, for example when driving a car, when a voice assistant can provide it for certain tasks.

Facial recognition

Among all the major developments in AI, facial recognition is facial recognition which is the most useful for giving users access to an application. This feature serves a greater purpose in security-based applications, as scanning the user with their face protects all sensitive data from outside intrusion.