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All About Suspended Ceiling Systems

When looking for a design that fits your needs, there are suspended ceilings to choose from. Read on to find out which variations exist. The hidden suspended ceiling looks like a neat design because all parts of the suspension are invisible.

If you are thinking about getting this hidden blanket then you also need to consider whether you want to access it or not (hence it is removable). You can go in one direction or another with a hidden ceiling view. There are any companies that provide the best custom and decorative ceilings.

However, this is an important factor to consider before adding a ceiling to your building, as an inaccessible ceiling does not allow you to perform simple maintenance.

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Exposed suspended ceiling is the next design on the list. It consists of panels that are placed on a ceiling grid. There are several design options for this type of ceiling, including the tile sizes you can use as they are all placed in a grid. Such ceilings are quick and easy to install.

This is a bonus if you have limited time to install the ceiling. This type of ceiling provides easy access for maintenance because it can be done inside a ceiling cavity.

The next type of suspended ceiling is a free ceiling where you need to know some of your needs. This type of ceiling has a ceiling plank held together by perimeter trim. This suspended ceiling is mainly used for corridors as it extends up to 2500mm and is lined with planks, which makes it ideal for corridors.