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All You Need To Know About South Asian Weather Update

Weather is always important to South Asians, especially when it comes to the upcoming festival season. There is a lot of variation in the weather throughout the region. In some parts of South Asia, it can be very hot and humid during the day, but extremely cold at night. In other areas, the temperatures can fluctuate a lot more, with both morning and evening temperatures usually being a bit warmer than daytime temperatures. 

The weather in South Asia also changes a lot throughout the year. In winter, it can be very cold and wet, while summer is usually hot and dry. Get up-to-date with today's weather in the region by navigating this site!

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Nowadays, the weather in South Asia is hot and humid. The high temperature in South Asia is around 33 degrees Celsius and it’s expected to reach 41 degrees Celsius later in the day. In Sri Lanka, the high temperature is also around 33 degrees Celsius, but it will drop down to 29 degrees Celsius at night. In Pakistan, the high temperature is around 31 degrees Celsius, but it will drop down to 27 degrees Celsius at night.

The forecast is for mostly cloudy skies with some chance of showers and thunderstorms in the morning and afternoon. Temperatures will be around 85 degrees. The night will be mild with a low around 70 degrees.