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An Organic Facial – Essential Skin Care

The ten-step natural facial spa routine comprises the steps: cleanse and exfoliate, apply a mask, the brightening of your skin, skin conditioner treatments gels, ultra rejuvenation treatments, moisturize serums, moisturize, and cleanse. 

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Cleansing is the process of removing the top layer of dead cells and oil, as well as seat and dirt. If the skin isn't thoroughly cleansed using an organic cleanser, it turns dry and rough. Oil glands get clogged over with dust and cell debris, which can cause breakouts.

Exfoliating eliminates any buildup in dead skin cells. By removing this dead cell layer the speed of cell growth could boost to give you the appearance of youthfulness. If not, dead skin cells can cause an unnatural and dull appearance.

Masks made of clay draw out toxic substances from the skin. They tone, firm and refine the appearance of the skin. This resulted in the appearance of a soft, smooth and clean skin. Clay replenishes and balances the skin, helping with the process of regenerating tissue.