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Australian Visa Types And Benefits

It is the Business Innovation and Investment visa -188 that is a part of the Business Innovation and Investment Program of the Australian Business visa.

This visa is designed for those who wish to manage and run an existing or new company in Australia or to be a part of the Australian region or state. You can have more information for the investment visa to Australia procedure by consulting professionals.

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The eligibility requirements for obtaining the Visa are determined by a local or state government agency, and the process for applying for the Visa will be based on the Minister of Immigration and Border Protection. The Visa is divided into three streams:

The Business Innovation track: It's intended for business professionals who are looking to create the foundation, manage and grow the growth of a business, whether it is new or established in Australia.

Investor stream: It's intended for those who wish to make an investment that is at the minimum AUD1.5million to one of the Australian States or Territories, and continue investment and business activity in Australia.

Significant Investor stream: It's intended for investors who are willing to invest at a minimum of AUD5million in compliant ventures in Australia and wish to continue the investment and business activities in Australia.

The reason for the Australian Business Visa is to allow many different business-related events like attending conferences or business meetings, among various other reasons. People who want to travel to Australia for a brief period to conduct business and do not require work or receiving payments through an Australian source may apply for an Australian business visa.