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Choose From The Amazing Variety Of Ceramic Tiles

Buying a new apartment with bad floors? Don't feel overwhelmed. Now the old floor tiles can be replaced with new ones. Deciding which ceramic tile to install can be a little tricky.

Before you tear anything off the floor, plan everything in detail.

Here are some tips to help you plan your ceramic tile installation. You can also get vitrified floor tiles online.

Basic type identification:

It is very important to know what type of floor to use for ceramic tiles. The main types of subfloors that you may encounter are

Concrete floor:

It is an ideal base for installing ceramic tile if it does not contain dirt. All cracks and holes in the floor must be repaired prior to installation.

For cracks that have reached these walls, it is necessary to seek specialists first, as each ceramic tile is directly connected to the concrete floor so it must be in perfect condition.

Plywood substrate:

When installing ceramic tiles, such a floor must have a strong structure and be strong enough to support the tile for many years.

You need to make sure the floor thickness is at least 1 1/8 inches, which is also supported by an equally thick layer underneath.

Existing tile floors:

There are two ways to renovate an existing tile floor: one by leaving an existing tile floor in place and creating a new tile directly above it, and the other by removing the old tile with a chisel and hammer.

Estimated project cost:

The length and width of the floor space that needs to be tiled can provide an estimate of the cost of labor and raw materials required.