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Choosing Homewares For An Eclectic Interior

Choosing home accessories for your eclectic interior can be tricky. When done in a very subtle way, the whole effect can be dull. If you whisper too much, your whole house will look too busy and uncomfortable.

Eclectic design means a combination of artworks by different people or different genres, times, cultures, and other stylistic factors. The secret to turning your home interior into eclectic eclecticism is finding some common ground or inspiration like the premier supplier of Arabic homeware in Australia that will unite all of the styles you have chosen into one.

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Inspiration or connection points can be colors, fabrics, furniture, accessories, or upholstery. You may want to collect magazines and look at photos for more ideas for your home. You may also want to crop a photo from a magazine to see if the item you are trying to collect fits.

The idea of using color as the core is a great starting point for creating an eclectic design. Limit yourself to 3-4 colors and use these colors to paint your room. 

You can now choose your furniture. Look for furniture in the same color you choose, but in a different material, theme, style, or pattern. You can choose several pieces with striped upholstery and one with a floral pattern, but these should be presented in the same or mixed colors.

You should choose your home products such as clocks, mirrors, vases, lamps, and other accessories carefully.