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Discussing The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Resume

Introducing The Job Of CFO

If the CEO is the chief executive of an organization, the CFO or Chief Financial Officer is the chief financial officer. Anyone who is aware of the importance of finance to a company can not miss the weight of carrying positions within an organization.  You can hire the best executive resume writers online at

Key Responsibility

In its primary role to direct and supervise the financial activities of the company, the CFO is responsible for a large number of functions such as those associated with treasury, accounting, audit, credit, budgeting, insurance, and taxes. 

The main focus of his work is on raising capital for the company and supporting the expansion. To achieve this, he oversees all of the cash management, analysis of current market trends and the past, manages the associated risks, supervises the investment, and sometimes works with mergers and/or acquisitions. 

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Since a large number of cases of fraud have come to light recently, the CFO is also given the responsibility to ensure the accuracy and completeness of financial records. CFOs are often under great pressure to increase the resources of the company and if they do not do so they might be at risk of losing their positions. 

Therefore, they are almost always trying to find new ways and creative ways to reach the target profit of the company. This often results in a stressful working environment and long working hours.

Career Paths

CFO usually begins as a financial officer or the cost and works accountant in the junior managerial level. With experience, hone skills, and additional qualifications obtained, they can be promoted to the position of CFO. Once in position, they can move to a more prestigious company with better remuneration.