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Dry Needling Therapy For Various Body Parts

Dry needling is used to treat posture problems, body imbalances, and muscle injuries. When combined with the best osteopathic care and physical therapy, dry needling really does have a lot of health benefits.

It's best to know which parts of the body to use or get dry needles on. The parts most prone to injury, cramping, and chronic pain is where dry needling works on. You can get dry needling treatment from a reputed physical therapy center.

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Your head and jaw, which are prone to ailments like migraines and jaws, may need a needle healing process to relieve pain and cramping. As for the rest of the upper body, your neck and shoulders can be pricked with dry needles. 

If you feel whiplash or a sudden cut that causes pain and tension in your neck muscles, you can use dry needling therapy to relieve the tension. Shoulder pain caused by exercise or lifting heavy objects can also be treated with this type of acupuncture procedure.

Other parts of your body that can need dry needling are your arms, legs, and hamstrings. For your hand, such as tennis elbow, you will experience chronic pain and possible tendon injury. This will cause irritation, tension, and sometimes even muscle swelling. Dry needling in your hand gives the tissue a chance to release tension and facilitate the healing process.

The healing process using needles is a holistic treatment approach. Most needles are not sharp or painful. So feel free to go for dry needling, especially if recommended by your osteopath or physiotherapist. Remember that this procedure can only be effective if your entire physical and mental state is fully involved in the healing process.