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Floor Sanding Tips With Diverse Range Of Sand Papers In NZ

People get a lot of information about the method of grinding floors, as well as the benefits and assistance of experts. If you want to use sandpaper with a very coarse texture, 24 grit sandpaper is ideal. 

There are situations when textural sandpaper is being used. That's about 40 grains. Some professionals also prefer 80 grit automotive sandpaper, which is known as medium-fine sandpaper. However, the best quality sandpaper should be 120 grit with a fine texture.

Floor Sanding Tips With Diverse Range Of Sand Papers In NZ

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Tips for using sandpaper in NZ

When you are on the scene to get the perfect makeup on your hardwood floors, choosing the right sandpaper is an important consideration. If you stay in a certain place for a long time, it means you are not using sandpaper properly. 


When a certain part of the floor has been sanded, you need to touch the new platform. Once the entire floor area has been cleared, skirting will be the next important factor. This is an important part that accentuates the overall appearance of the floor.

If you want to make your floors more efficient, all you have to do is use sandpaper with 80, 40, and 120 grids at the same time. You should also let it sit for a while and continue sanding.