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Go For The Right Dry Eye Therapy

Two major factors contribute to dry eyes, the diminished volume and very low quality of tear. Tears contain all water, mucin, and enzymes and all of which hold a critical responsibility for protecting eyes from drying. 

Mucin performs a part in keeping persistent tears in the retina port. Enzymes help to eliminate oil produced by the eyes so that bacteria that lead to acute inflammation called Blepharitis, can't reproduce to the eyelid margins. Choose the right dry eye therapy according to the problem you are facing. 


Conventional treatments have been around in the market for quite a while. However, every treatment has its own limitation. Artificial tears are introduced leaving many issues unsettled up till now. 

The subsequent therapy could be the blend of the steroid eye drops, lubricating drop, and Restasis eye-drops which should be consistently used for months, and therefore the price is rather high, not to mention the ineffectiveness to a number of the patients.

When people are searching for a more effective remedy for dry eyes, then an intermittent discovery produces a brand new therapy possible. A little opening in the interior of the eyelid is found. 

All these small openings, also called Puncta, are responsible for transferring the tears from the eyes to the nose via ducts. Inadvertently, the rips are located in overflow when the ducts are blocked. This happening stimulates the inspiration for curing dry eyes.