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Home Intercom Systems For Fun and Home Security

They may look like something out of the movies or television, but intercoms are making their way into the daily lives of more and more families. Although they have the air of being for the rich and famous, who should contact the butler or kitchen staff immediately, the fact is that as our houses get bigger and our days get busier, it can be a bit of a hike.

To bring everyone together at home just to get a quick message across. Instead of standing at the foot of the stairs yelling at the kids as you try to get out the door to go to school, or constantly interrupting a spouse stuck with work in the home office, it's easy to call on the intercom for a word fast. If you want to order security alarms in Sydney, visit

Intercoms not only add the element of fun to the family but are also great for home security. When the clock is ticking during a flood or fire, family members should be in constant communication. Intercom systems can be wireless or wired, and can even include a video system.

For a little more fun and family bonding, many can connect to play music or a radio station throughout the house. Even when you're home alone, this can be fun and convenient, rather than carrying a sound system or MP3 device with you all day.

If you are starting a new family, instead of a traditional baby monitor, an intercom can be a great alternative. Be sure to check with the seller before purchasing, but today many intercoms can be configured with a baby monitor function. If someone in the family spends a lot of time in a hard-to-reach area of the house, such as a detached garage, study, or on the patio or by the pool, an intercom system provides easy, yell-free communication between locations.

In addition to easy communication, this can be a great benefit to home security. If something goes wrong, the person in the far place will be alerted immediately and can come to the aid of the distressed person or vice versa.