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How Pet Care Facilities Can Help Local Animal Shelters

Many nonprofits are experiencing a drop in donations due to the economic downturn. The economic crisis has led to more pets being left at shelters as people lose their homes and jobs.

Many shelters are now facing serious shortages of funding and supplies while caring for more animals.

There are many foundations that are providing many facilities that can support homeless pets. You can also browse them online. Here are some suggestions and ideas that pet care facilities can use to support shelters. Shelters can refer many new clients to shelters in return.

Vicki & Gidget - FACE Foundation

It will be easier to build a relationship with the shelter staff by getting to know them and finding other contacts. Talk to them about their needs and suggest programs that could work for both of you.

One possibility is to set up many training sites at your shelter. One or two shelter dogs who have been in the shelter for a long time may need to be evacuated from their current living situation.

They may also need training or some help with their manners. These dogs can be brought to your facility for obedience and exercise.

You can also make periodic requests for supplies, such as towels, toys, and kitty litter. The shelter will then transport them to your facility. You are welcome to donate any damaged or ruined retail food products.