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How To Choose The Best USB Rechargeable Portable Bottle Blender For Smoothies

Portable mixers don't need the ubiquitous AC power. They are also cheap to buy and can be charged using a USB-based power adapter, computer, car charger, or plug.

Portable blenders are capable of breaking up smoothies on the one go and are very good at crushing ice and mixing cocktails. They're best for use at home or office, camping, and picnics, or for mixing simple things like protein shake after a workout at the gym. You can find the USB rechargeable portable bottle blender via

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They are also very useful (actually a blessing) for leveling baby food on the go. If you're sold on the idea of joining the burgeoning health care industry and buying a portable blender, this is the guide for you.

Because of this, most portable blenders also have a filter on the lid to prevent it from spraying. Objects don't slip through the net and down the neck. A lumpy smoothie doesn't have to break the deal, but it's not very enjoyable.

Most of the taps on this side spit ice. However, you can't just fill the blender with ice and expect the blades to turn right away. This is because the motor installed on most portable taps is quite weak.

In fact, for the most part, the blade was just clogged up by the pressure of the surrounding ice. To solve this, add a little water and start stirring with the device upside down (obviously with the lid tight).

After the blades rotate, slowly turn the mixer so that the ice makes contact with the rotating blades. You may even need to gently beat the blender a few times to make sure all the ice is evenly mixed.