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How to Choose the Perfect Theme for Your Shopify Store

Shopify is an extremely popular platform when it comes to designing e-commerce stores. It offers you so many themes to choose from and the options of adding your own customizations to these themes. With hundreds of themes to choose from, how do decide which theme is the best for your Shopify web design? Below are some of the things you should definitely look for when deciding on the perfect theme for your Shopify e-commerce site. You can also hire shopify professional.

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It Must Be Responsive

Every design available in the Shopify theme store is mobile-friendly. It is a prerequisite when it comes to Shopify accepting any theme on its store. However, there are some developers that choose to hide a few features on devices with smaller screen resolutions like smartphones and tablets.


Mobile traffic consists of almost 50% of all the visitors on e-commerce websites. Not showing all the features and functionalities of your website to such a large part of your audience can be a mistake for you.

You must also find a perfect balance so that you do not overload your website with too many images and extensions that decrease the page load speed which can lead to a degraded user experience.

Don't Overcomplicate the Navigation

Many e-commerce store owners have a complaint that they get a lot of traffic on their website but it does not convert into customers. One of the major problems that visitors to your website may face is navigating through the different levels of menus to get to the products they are looking for.

During your Shopify development and design process, make your menu and navigation as simple as possible and try to reduce as many steps as you can between your homepage and the product page. Using a mega menu would be suggested if you have too many categories, brands, or products that you sell on your website.