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How to Make Japanese Umeshu

What is Umeshu? And Where Are You able to Get It? 

Have you ever tried umeshu? Also called plum wine, it is a sweet and refreshing drink that is usually served as a drink on the top of a rock, or mixed into soda water. The fruity flavor makes it easy to drink and is among my most favored summer drinks! You can buy high-quality umeshu from


Umeshu is available almost everywhere in bars, izakayas, food stores, and even convenes. While it's incredibly simple to buy the product, many individuals in Japan actually create their own! Materials and ingredients are readily available as well as the procedure is easy. (The most difficult part is waiting!)

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Umeshu season starts in May, around the middle and you'll recognize that it's here when you notice large glass containers, bags of sugar, and vibrant green plums on the supermarket shelves.

Making Umeshu Materials and Ingredients

The ingredients and components that are needed to make umeshu are simple and easy to make. The ratio used was (1kg plums x 800g rock sugar: 1.8L the liquor). Because the recipe is easy and adaptable, once having mastered it beer brewers can use their imagination to explore different flavors and combinations.