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Is Critical Thinking overrated or under-rated in Higher Education?

Many higher education programs list critical thinking as a desirable skill or desired outcome. Students are expected to demonstrate critical thinking through their participation in class and learning activities. 

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It could be included in a rubric or the course syllabus depending on the requirements of the school. It may be demonstrated in a variety of ways and then evaluated. This could vary from one time to the next. 

Student Perspective

Here are the top answers students gave when asked to define critical thinking.

  • Thinking outside the box
  • Think more deeply about the topic
  • Problem-solving
  • Ability to think independently
  • Consider the pros and cons of each option when weighing them.
  • Be rational and avoid emotions
  • Making decisions such as whether to go to the grocery store or decide on a meal option
  • Being curious, creative, open-minded
  • Through trial and error, you can learn.
  • What to do when life is threatening
  • Making intelligent decisions
  • Collaboration with others to reach consensus
  • Logical Perspective

Transformative Perspective

The power of critical thinking can transform all aspects of student performance, from written assignments to discussion questions. First, students learn to use their knowledge, beliefs, and opinions.

Although critical thinking is not something adults naturally do, there are occasions when adults can reflect when they are prompted to by unexpected or unplanned events.

It is possible to teach critical thinking by providing a clear explanation, practice, and the opportunity to apply the skills to problems and issues. This means that students must have a standard definition of this skill and the chance to practice it.