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Learn About Embedded Analytics

Embedded reports combine analytics, data and applications to provide prescriptive guidance in decision-making. Use of advanced BI and analytics tools and solutions like embedded analytics is on the rise. 

Implementing embedded analytics is a necessity for any business to remain competitive today and in the future. Embedded analytics reporting solution improves user's analytical experience and makes business intelligence available in real time so that users can work smartly and efficiently.

Embedded analytics solutions are BI applications that are integrated with other business applications. Here, the core business applications have in-built features associated with BI such as data visualizations and dashboard reporting. Analytical capabilities are tightly integrated into business systems to provide additional context and analytical capability for faster decision-making.

Embedding analytics makes business intelligence features accessible to users in an environment they are familiar with, making it easier to use. Additionally, the analytics capabilities are tailored for specific user roles and insights are provided in the context of the application. With embedded reports many users in the organization are able to access and use business intelligence and analytics easily unlike with the traditional BI tools. 

Embedded analytics provide a modern approach to BI and make it more effective. Embedded analytics provide information to users in a timely manner so they can work effectively and proactively.