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Memorial Service Ideas – Customize Your Loved One’s Memorial

If you're grieving losing a dear person, in the process of planning a funeral you must ensure that the funeral service you plan is as unique as the person who died was. There are many ways you can get away from the standard structure of a funeral service, and design an event that serves to remember those who remember your beloved person. Here are some memorial service ideas to think about when you are planning your funeral.

  • Play a Slideshow:- Find photos of your beloved family member from anyone who is willing to email photos. Friends and relatives send you photos and then scan the older images into your PC. 

  • Request Donations to Charity:- Personalized funeral service idea getting more popular is to donate to charities. Families are requesting that, instead of flowers, they make donations to a chosen charity for the decedent. 

memorial service

  • Create A Memorial CD:- Today, creating an excellent playlist is as simple as dropping a drag-and-drop file into iTunes. An innovative memorial idea is to make the guests a mixed CD to carry with them following the funeral. 

  • Invite guests to tell Stories:- Memorial service ideas don't need to be centered around what you're doing. Your guests should be able to contribute during the funeral, too. 

The memorial service should be outside and also have the cremains buried in the same way. Afterward, you can plant a tree from the cremains. The memorial service that is centered on the new tree is a lovely way to demonstrate the loved one who you love has given new life to the world even after their demise.