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Pepsi To Launch Mirinda Lime

India is expanding its brand Pepsi Mirinda orange drink in a new lime flavor this season. Sources said Mirinda Lime will be available in 300 ml bottles at retail outlets at Rs 8 at the end of this month.

The new drink Pepsi will rival Coca-Cola brand thirst Indies, Limca, in the segment cloudy cal. This section is 10.4 percent of the soft drinks market 206 million cases (including soft drinks). Limca, which was acquired by Coca-Cola Parle exports in 1993, has become a leader in the segment of lime and cloudy accounted for nearly one-tenth of the soft drinks market volume.

Mirinda lime Pepsi's third mark Limcas dominance challenges, along with Teem lemonade and Dukes (purchased in 1994). Teem, who has more than one percent of the market share of soft drinks. You can order Mirinda 330ml soft drink cans in bulk online at affordable prices.

Pepsi has been aggressively strengthening the base from Coca-Cola India began allowing portfolio earlier this year. Pepsi followed shortly by relaunching 7-Up as a refreshing drink segment transparent double lime.

As a result, Coca-Cola has begun to promote the response of an image as super cool. We will continue to sell the image of the region as Coca-Cola hopes for a 7-Up for gift opening. This segment is currently about 2.5 percent of the total market.

In addition to strengthening its portfolio of Pepsi, Mirinda Lime is also being seen as an attempt consolidation company. Instead of promoting brands five individuals – Pepsi, Mirinda, 7-Up, Teem, and Iris – Pepsi across the country can now focus on the first three – core brands.

Like most Pepsi drinks around the world, it is said that the taste of the Mirinda board to distinguish lime, vis-a-vis both the Limca and Teem. In fact, Mirinda orange flavor underwent improvements around 1995, shortly after entering Fanta.