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Photo Booth Rentals In Sydney- Questions to Ask When Choosing a Company

Would you like to add a photo grid to your upcoming special event? Not sure what to look for or how to find a good company? There are a number of important factors to consider when researching and finally choosing a local photography shop for your special event. 

As we all know, planning any kind of event can be time-consuming and stressful. Here are some questions to help you research rentals:

1. What kind of equipment do you use?

Camera/Printer – Camera and printer quality is critical if the quality of prints and online photos is important to you. Professional photography studio use professional cameras like DSLRs to produce stunning images. You should also look for a high-quality sub-dye printer or laser inkjet printer for the best results.

If possible, visit a local photo booth company to see their equipment in person. If they don't have an office or you're traveling out of town, ask for a video or photo of their cabin.

2. What's in the package and their price?

Many companies offer unlimited photos during the rental period. You should also ask if their package includes hosting an event to assist your guests, if there will be an additional setup or delivery fee, and if sales tax is included in their price. 

3. What experiences do they have?

First of all, you want to know how much experience the company has. It can also be a good idea to see if they can provide testimonials from previous customers in town. Finally, you can look up reviews from past customers online in the Yelp section or other popular websites.

4. Do you communicate effectively?

This is a very important measurement element. Make sure the photo box company responds well to your emails, phone calls, and questions. Otherwise, similar issues may arise on the day of your event.