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Prostatitis Antibiotics Versus Natural Prostate Supplements

Prostatitis antibiotics are often prescribed to men suffering from prostate infections. But, many times they either stop working or don't work at all.

What do you do then?

You can keep going back and hoping you'll get different prostatitis antibiotics, of course. And you may even get lucky. Or, you can also do a few other things to help the process along. You can find the best natural prostate supplements online.

natural prostate supplements

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Of course, the standard medical disclaimer applies:

Always consult with your doctor before supplementing — especially if you are on any kind of prescription drugs.

Now, that said, here are a few things to try:

1. Zinc

Men with prostatitis often are low on zinc when they get it checked. Have you checked your zinc levels? If not, any naturopathic doctor can usually do this for you. You might find that your problem is greatly helped by getting enough zinc.

2. Pygeum

This is a great herb for helping with prostatitis pain. It's been shown to relieve inflammation (which is mandatory if you have prostatitis), act as a mild natural antibiotic, and, if you are having urinary problems, can help a lot with those, too.

3. Fish oil

The omega 3 fatty acids in fish are extremely potent for fighting inflammation in your body — including in your prostate. You want to "lube up" your insides the best you can, and a high quality fish oil can do just that for you.