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Slab Leak Detection Tips

Slab leaks can be fixed by any plumber who will tell you that the first step in fixing them is to find the source. This is known as slab leak detection and should only ever be performed by licensed professionals who have the right tools, training, equipment, and knowledge. Unqualified technicians shouldn't be tearing up your floors in order to accurately identify a foundation leak.  Learn more about slab leak  detection  in the following article.

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This is one reason slab leak repair should only be done by a plumber or contractor who has the proper training. You should ensure that the company you hire has extensive knowledge and experience in slab leak repair and diagnosis. Keep reading to learn more about slab leak detection.

Sewer and Water Lines

Two sources are most common for slab leaks: water lines and sewer lines. A water line leak is usually easy to spot since the evidence is often found on your next month's bill. A single needle hole in a water pipe can result in the loss of thousands of gallons in water. 

Leakages in sewer lines can go unnoticed for many years. Swollen soil is the most obvious sign of a sewer line leak. This is only possible if the sewer is in soft, expansive soils. Buildings and other structures can be lifted and raised from their original level when the soil swells.

Master Plumbers

To identify common signs of plumbing leaks, a master plumber can create precise contour diagrams. These diagrams can be used to connect slab deformations and foundation damage. Master plumbers can then use these diagrams to find efficient solutions to slab leaks and other plumbing problems.