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Some Amazing Facts About Mirinda Soft Drink

Mirinda is part of the Pepsico drink family. His name means awesome in Esperanto, a man-made language introduced in Europe at the end of the 19th century. Delicious and sweet, Mirinda Orange is an orange carbonated soft drink that is encouraged with crispy bubbles to give you a blast of freshness. You can order Mirinda 330ml soft drink cans in bulk online for parties/events.

Carbonated drinks are available in a variety of current flavors, from traditional cola and lemonade to other fruits that are more exotic, vanilla and cinnamon. Sugar-free varieties are available, as well as those without caffeine. Some amazing facts about Mirinda:

  • Mirinda was originally produced in Spain. Mirinda is part of the area of drinks that are often referred to as segments, consisting of carbonated fruit beverages and not carbonated.

  • Mirinda has been sold in Arab countries since the late 1970s. As in many other countries, Mirinda comes in a different taste. Gulf and Egypt countries are the biggest markets for Mirinda in the region.
  • Mirinda regularly introduces special film-themed editions in Asia.
  • It is available in fruit varieties including orange, oranges, Bali orange, apples, strawberries, raspberry, pineapple, pomegranates, bananas, passion fruit, lemon, hibiscus, guarana, pears, watermelon, and taste of wine and acids.

Mirinda consequently expanding its portfolio, international icon spiced fruit beverage brand from PepsiCo.  The debut of Mirinda Joosy marks another landmark on how PepsiCo India boosts fruit pulp sourcing from India. It combines the cheerful and fun flavor of Mirinda with a distinctive sweet taste of Indian Oranges, using a very low sugar and low in carbs.