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Abstract Area Rugs

6 Ways to Use Abstract Area Rugs

An area rug can be used in many ways throughout your home. The area rug can instantly give life and style to your home by adding color or function as a disguise for the stained carpet.

It can also be used in the kitchen to perform multiple roles. If placed in the right spot, it can transform the look of your kitchen. It can be used to protect or add elegance to a corner. The design of your kitchen should be considered when placing the area rug. 

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Rock Cliff Abstract Area Rugs

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Find out how area rugs can improve the look of your kitchen:

1) Choose a rug that matches the decor scheme in the kitchen. It should not be too odd. A red rug will complement a Tuscan kitchen. A simple white rug with small floral designs is best for country kitchens. Monochrome or abstract area rugs are best for modern kitchens.

2) Place the rug in specific spots to visually mark out exclusive areas. It can be used under the dining room table to designate it as the "dining space". It can be used in front of the sink, to call it the "washing zone". It can be placed in front of your cooking range to name it the "cooking zone". 

3) Heavy traffic is not allowed in certain areas of the kitchen. This is the best place to place your rug.  The rug will withstand water sprays, cooking mishaps, and other spillages and protect the floor. You can wash the rug later.

An area rug can play many roles in the home. In the kitchen, it becomes more interesting. Give your kitchen a fresh look.