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african art museum new york

Tribal African Art : Sculpture And Figures

Sculpture from Africa takes several forms and provides us tremendous perception into the tribal communities and  cultures from where it came.

African sculpture is most commonly figurative, representing the individual form and created primarily from timber but it may also be designed and abstracted and carved out of rock. 

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african art sculptures

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It may span centuries and be as early as the dawn of tools and it may be as contemporary as appropriate now, where it's lauded and valued as a modern art form.

Tribal or traditional African sculpture typically could be spiritual or religious in character, be carved out of wood, dealing chiefly with the individual form (and occasionally animal or mythical).

It reveals a creative soul and ability which shows good equilibrium, craftsmanship, and attention to detail and completeness and a character of style that realizes the founder's intention.

African sculpture may frequently be described as monumental that the form or figure isn't separated from the stone or wood where it is carved giving it a sense of hefty stability.

The portrayal of the human form isn't necessarily proportional but frequently strives to emphasize or subtract specific physiological characteristics which the sculptor is considering communication. They are generally used as a kind of communication between individuals and supernatural forces.

They're crafted by the artists and given their power by spiritual professionals who make contact with the soul spheres of the ancestors and gods.