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aluminium boats australia

Some of the problems you must know about aluminium boats

aluminium boats Australian made

Currently, aluminium boats are one of the most innovative ships. Back in the 1970s, when the aluminium boat construction began, since then, it has been made lightweight and durable. No doubt, aluminium tends to be an excellent material, but it also has some issues which shouldn't be overlooked. 

Common issues with aluminium boats:

•Shaft tube corrosion- You should inspect the shaft tube for corrosion entirely before buying the aluminium boat as almost all aluminium boats tend to suffer from shaft tube corrosion. The decline is most likely caused due to water sitting in the tube surrounded by the stainless steel. It also causes a type of electrolysis damage, and it is one of the most common corrosion caused by aluminium boats.

•Aluminum is loud on the water- One of the other issues faced by aluminium boats is that they can be noisy. If you are not used to the jarring sound, then the sound of water slapping against the aluminium hull. No doubt, soundproofing options tend to exist to make the ride comfortable, but at times they don't work. You need to keep this issue at the back of your mind if you plan to ride in backwaters. Choosing Australian made aluminium boats can also help.

•Weak temperature control- The temperature control within aluminium boats tend to be low, mainly due to the thinness and lightweight construction.

Despite the cons, aluminium boats are becoming more popular as designs tend to be improved. Lastly, you need to ensure the proper maintenance of aluminium boats.