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Three Tips for Optimal Baby Sleep

Whether you want to maintain your child's healthy sleeping habits during the transition or get back on the road after a hard time, here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Schedule

Planning problems can cause a lot of trouble sleeping during the day and at night. Make sure your child has an age-appropriate schedule. This will help limit many of the sleep problems caused by sleep deprivation. Sometimes it's very easy to adjust your bedtime after you go to bed.

Contact the Meet Chantal as expert sleep trainer for infants & toddlers bedtime for your child. You can also switch between the number of naps per day when your child is in the middle of a nap transition.

2. Reset expectations

When children fall asleep with the help of parents, it may be related to falling asleep. This in turn often causes frequent awakenings at night and shortens sleep time. Helping your child fall asleep on their own, when it's appropriate for their development, is sometimes the most important step in improving sleep quality.

3. Expert guidance

For us parents, the first years of a child's life can be both exciting and challenging at the same time. As your child grows and develops, so will your attitude towards sleep. The baby sleep app was created to make sleep counseling more accessible to families for children. When creating a successful sleep plan, we consider each family's unique lifestyle, as well as their sleep goals.