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Difference Between Goalrilla and Mammoth Basketball Hoop

Goalrilla and Mammoth have the same target market. These basketball hoops can be used on a home court as a high-end product. If you want, you may buy the best Goalrilla basketball hoop from

Both systems use a 6×6 or 5×5 inch square steel pole. Both systems use a J-Bolt anchor kit to attach the goal to the ground. Both systems have glass backboards and have sizes of 54, 60, and 72 inches. Both poles are made from similar steel grades and have limited lifetime warranties.

The more important question is how they differ.

Differences between Mammoth and Goalrilla:

There are many important differences between these several. First, the thickness of the backboard is important. Goalrilla backboards have a thickness of 3/8", whereas Mammoth backboards can vary in thickness from 6 to 8 mm (.236", -.31").

The height adjustment is another difference. Mammoth and Goalrilla basketball hoops can be adjusted in height from 7.5 to 10 feet. To adjust the height, the Goalrilla uses a crank mechanism. To adjust the height, the Mammoth system uses an adjustable squeeze handle.

Both mechanisms can adjust the rim height infinitely, but the Mammoth Rapid Cam mechanism makes it much simpler to use. Only the 60-inch backboard model has this major difference.