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Bible Timeline

How To Get Invested Into Reading The Bible Everyday?

Christians should read the Bible. This is not a rule set in stone, nor do you have to read the whole Bible. But it goes without saying that as a Christian, as a believer of Christ and His sacrifice, Christians should at least care enough to read bits and parts of the Bible in their spare time. 

You do not have to specifically set aside time for it. You just need to sit down and take the Bible in your spare time, at least once a week. You can get more information about bible statistics online at

But it's hard to get to concentrate on the Bible today. It's hard to put your focus on some of the old stories when they were told about the sea that divided two and bread falling from the sky. But, it is only in the beginning. 

Why it matters if your Bible was translated by a racially diverse ...

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Once you begin to understand and appreciate the stories from the Bible for what they are, you will grow to be a better Christian. Here are some tips on how to get better connected with the Bible:

For men:

Men love stories of heroism. Men like to listen to – or read – a story one person might not rise from the ground to conquer evil. That is why Christian men should read the Bible in the first place – the Bible is full of wonderful stories of heroes and trials and great sacrifice.

For woman:

Women like to read about stories they can relate to. For example, there are many stories in the Bible that can guide a woman in her work, life, and relationships. For God, every woman is unique and has a great purpose in helping a man find his destiny. As a Christian woman, you should take the time to look for guidance in the Bible.