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birkat habayit art

Contemporary Jewish Art With Traditional Jewish Values

There are so many specific concerns and rituals in the Jewish culture that art has often spent a lot of time reflecting those values. As a result, much of the world of Judaic art finds its self being tailored to older stylistic forebears and more traditional forms of expression.

But in the overly democratic age we live in, when the world of cultures explodes and overlaps, maintaining this strict old style is extremely complicated and seems pointless. You can also check out KetubaHome to know more about Jewish art.

There is so much potential for new creative ways to explore this old tradition, whether through new musical forms such as rock and roll and hip hop or through video and film work, not to mention new forms of painting and printing such as abstract and especially pop art. 

In many ways, Pop Art seems to be specifically used to create great Jewish art. The theory espoused by some of the greatest artists of the last 50 years is that repeated images can make pieces everywhere more accessible and unique.

In the world of Jewish culture, where everyone is expected to have a hole and every door must have a mezuzah, this repeated meaning is even more special. The transformation of this type of symbol into bold memories of religion and spirituality is one of the philosophical impetus that drives contemporary Jewish art.

Many young Jewish artists found ways to express their essentially Jewish ideas and ideals using spray paint, digital effects, and pop culture motifs such as comics and graffiti, and this opened the culture to new eyes and ears and spread the word. sacred and works outside the traditional Jewish channels.