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How Can Boot Camp Workouts Help Your Heart

Heart disease is a major problem in Manahawkin and is growing faster than expected. This life-threatening condition affects nearly 35% of the Manahawkin population, which is alarming for a country as large as the USA. Health authorities must take this threat seriously by making the public more aware of the disease and especially those at high risk.

Statistics show that nearly one-third of the population suffers from heart disease. This means that the workforce is affected. Not only the older and more affluent members of society are affected, but the condition is also affecting the middle-aged and moving towards the younger generations. 

There are two ways to tackle the menace. One is preventive care and the other is to control and keep the disease in check. It can range from brisk walking, jogging, canoeing, cardiovascular exercises, aerobics, Yoga, martial arts, weight training to the intense boot camp exercise.

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Once aware of heart disease and its life-threatening nature, those at risk because of obesity and addictions to tobacco, junk food, and alcohol should stay clear from them. This prevents the initial onset of hypertension and diabetes which navigate the way for heart disease to make a grand entry into your heart. Foods rich in cholesterol and especially LDL are to be avoided as much as possible.

Those who are already ensnared by a heart condition have to be extra careful when choosing their physical activities and exercises. Strenuous exercises like boot camp, aerobics, running, and weight training are definitely out because the already weak heart may not be able to handle that entire sudden load, and chances of its collapse are not ruled out. Instead, they should stick to disciplines like Tai Chi, Yoga, brisk walking, and some jogging if permitted by the doctor.