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Ensure Call Recording Assurance

To keep the track of all information about your customer, sound recording is essential, and therefore, call recording monitoring is also important so that you do not miss anything.

The failure can turn out to be a dispute between the company and a customer. Many different renowned companies have been using this platform to get auditing failure alerts and notifications.

It is a call recording assurance platform that assures you and to detects every single call recording failure. You can also visit to choose qa in call center.

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To reduce the business threat, increase productivity and improve efficiency, companies can try speech analytics. Also, a call recording assurance and compliance platform send digital alerts & notifications to IT and businesses via SMS, Email, Dashboard, and Dial-out, etc.

A call recording monitoring platform provides recording failure alert and notification so that by any chance you do not miss recording any specific call.

It provides round-the-clock services to detect failures extract non-recorded conversations and perform call recorder health check-ups.

A contact center recording assurance monitors ACD or non-ACD call recording and its administrative failures and notified IT and businesses via SMS, Email, Dashboard, and dial-out, etc.

It validates data and the existence of media files for each and every call which are answered by ACD (Automatic call distribution).