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Are Business Cards Still Useful?

As technology has developed, standard business processes have changed. This new technology provides convenience and various means of communication for business people.

Therefore, some people believe that the pen and paper era has ended forever. I do not agree. You can also opt to business stationery printing services online.

They argue that with new contact and management apps, as well as business-centric social media like LinkedIn, traditional methods are no longer needed.

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When we meet our prospects, we definitely want to add them to our social media accounts. We take your number and immediately store it on our mobile.

However, does this mean that business cards are no better suited for official communication?

Now we all use modern applications to maintain professional relationships with our colleagues and potential customers. No one will deny this.

Rather, it's more of a change in the way we use these old methods like business cards.

Business card designs have changed and now there are even digital business cards. They are no longer ordinary white cards with names, phone numbers and titles.

Take some time and think: When was the last time you met someone for your company and exchanged business cards with them?

You probably didn't have to think much to find out that this was a recent meeting or conference you attended. I don't want to emphasize the following: We depend on our cell phones and computers to make contact.