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How To Choose A Custom-Fitted Dress Shirt?

First, choose the style and color of your custom dress. Traditional colors such as white and light blue are best for those who work in tight offices or prefer to use more conservative makeup techniques. 

A lighter color will give your shirt more style. Popular among young workers is the stretch collar, which is wider at the bottom than standard collars. You can also find the best mens suits nearby online.

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Quality Control

When looking for a high-quality dress there are a few things you need to check. First is the number of layers. High-quality shirts have a double layer number and this information on the label. Low-quality shirts have only one layer and this information is usually not included on the label. Two-ply shirts are stronger, last longer, are softer, more comfortable, and less wrinkled than single-ply shirts.

To make sure the shirt you order is of high quality, check the button seams. With high-quality shirts, the buttons are cross-stitched to make them more difficult to fall off.

Fitness check

Once you've chosen the color and style of the shirt you want, it's time to check the fit. The most important areas to consider when choosing a tailored dress are the collar, sleeves, and wrists.

When the shirt is worn, you should be able to put two fingers between the neck and the collar. On new shirts, the collar should be about half the size you need. 

As long as you wear your shirt, it should feel comfortable all over your body. Be careful not to tighten around your shoulders, chest, or waist.