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What can podiatry felt be used for?

Podiatry (or what was once known as ‘chiropody’) felt is a very popular padding material to treat a number of conditions in the feet. The podiatry felt is a natural substance which is semi-compressed in to the padding having a adhesive layer. The felt padding is available in flat sheets that could be then be trimmed for any pattern with scissors or it is packaged in numerous patterns as pre-cut pads many different kinds of foot issues and several placements to the feet. The protecting sheet across the adhesive padding is taken away and the felt pad is adhered to the foot to protect practically any painful place to allow that region a rest and so the signs and symptoms might be improved and the condition given a chance to heal up.

For bunions a large pad the same shape as a donut can be cut and stuck over the joint to remove shoe force off the painful joint. If you have a corn on the toe, then the small felt pad can be cut that sits just simply behind the painful corn so the shoe puts the pressure over the adhesive felt pad and not upon the corn. That should relieve the pain and let any irritation to improve. Pain beneath the ball of the foot can be handled using a felt pad which goes over the ball of the foot and a hole is cut in the padding where the painful place is. These are simply some examples of the way the adhesive felt pad can be employed to take care of foot disorders.

It is usually useful to bevel the sides of the adhesive felt padding using scissors as it will stay on the foot for longer. You usually need to make sure the skin is thoroughly clean before removing the backing of the adhesive and attaching the felt on the foot. Do not make the oversight of using an emollient lotion just before putting on the adhesive felt pad. It's not planning to adhere following doing that. After the felt padding is in place and protecting the painful location, then it is typically a good idea to use a piece or pieces of adhesive tape that will help hold the felt pad in place preventing the sides of the pad becoming caught up in the hosiery when wearing them. It is necessary that the felt padding does not get wet and kept dry if you can. When it is, then the podiatry felt might be kept in place for at least a couple of days. Frequently, the podiatry felt padding will have to be re-applied every few days. These replacements using the podiatry adhesive felt padding can be done as long as is recommened for the painful area to get enough rest to get better.

The podiatry felt is an excellent temporary treatment for a wide range of foot conditions. It is often not absolutely the best option during the long term. If you feel as though you would like something like this sort of support in the long term following a quick test, then discuss the long run possibilities with a podiatric physician.