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HP Reverb G2 Vs Valve Index

Oculus with its headsets provides an amazing casual experience and quality for the buck. The HTC headsets are well known for their image quality and color balance.

The user-friendliness and accuracy of the Valve Index are unparalleled for VR business applications. Naturally, there are also mega high-end hitters like Varjo or Pimax which we will be writing about soon since the prices are inaccessible to most individuals and smaller companies. You can visit to buy HP reverb G2 lenses.

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As with the other headsets, HP Reverb G2 outshines the Valve Index with its stunning picture quality due to the high-quality resolution of the display.

Both headsets are using the same high-quality speakers yet Valve Index boasts a better adjustment mechanism, 3.5 mm audio port, and superior microphone.

Currently, HP Reverb G2 looks like one of the best VR headsets for the money if you’re in the consumer-facing PC VR market, but you might spend a few extra bucks to get there.

G2 can be upgraded to a higher tier via a series of extensions and mods for maximum comfort and tracking capabilities, e.g. switching to Valve Index controllers, comfort mods, gunstock for games, and so on.

When developing VR applications for your business, however, you’re better off choosing a headset with more advanced tracking capabilities like Valve Index. You can order it on the HP official website, Steam, Microsoft Store, and a few selected partners.