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plastic surgery neck lift

Cosmetic Surgery Neck Lift Explained

The skin on a person's neck is generally age faster than the skin on the face. Does someone have saggy skin on their necks because of age or genetics, there is something they can do to improve the way they look. 

A neck lift cosmetic surgery consists of two procedures, a cervicoplasty and plasmablasts, which involves improving the appearance of one's neck. You can consult with San Franciscos face & necklift specialist the best plastic surgeon for the details.

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Cervicoplasty is a procedure that requires removing extra skin from the area near the neck and centers on a platysmaplasty procedure that removes or alters the muscles. 

It is not uncommon that this procedure can also mean adding liposuction into the mix but this was not done with all the procedures. In situations where the bands involved, the surgeon may choose to recommend Botox treatment as an alternative. 

Generally, people who undergo cosmetic surgery neck lift may also take the time to choose other plastic surgery procedures done at the same time.

Before having a neck lift cosmetic surgery, the surgeon will not only ensure that people fit and healthy, but they also had surgery for the right reasons. 

A neck lift straight ahead will generally take about two hours to complete, although this time frame can be increased if the person is more cosmetic surgery at the same time. How invasive surgery will also depend on the individual circumstances.

A lot of big neck lift surgery will require the surgeon to make an incision in the hairline to the ear and then in the reverse direction. 

There are cases in which a small incision must be made under the skin of the individual. A neck lifts cosmetic procedures done under anesthesia so that patients are not even aware of the surgery being performed.