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The Oculus Quest 2: Reference Guide

Getting oculus quest 2 unboxed, set up, and configured for use, is an important part of ensuring that you’ll have a good virtual reality (VR) experience with your new all-in-one headset. 

What follows is a reference guide that can be used before, or just after receiving your Quest 2, to help ensure you get a good start familiarizing yourself with the Quest 2 and embarking on your VR journey to explore the best VR experiences for the Quest 2 headset. You can also check out oculus quest 2 prescription lenses for oculus quest 2 from online sources.

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Quest 2 Accessories: Elite Strap with Battery and Carrying Case

Shortly after the Quest 2 was announced at the Facebook Connect 7 event, reviews of the headset from reputable VR Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) began to be published on YouTube.

Several trusted SME’s noted that the optional Elite head strap was significantly more comfortable when wearing the headset for extended periods. The Quest 2 comes with an adjustable nylon strap that some reviewers found uncomfortable wearing.

Oculus Smartphone App

If you previously downloaded and installed the Oculus app for use with another headset, like the Rift S, you’ll be prompted to log in to the app using your Facebook User ID (UID), to access social, and new/updated features.

If you log in to your Oculus app with your Facebook UID, your Oculus and Facebook accounts will be merged, permanently.