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Tone Your Abs While Browsing The Internet

How many of us dream of a firmer body, with nice abs, but honestly do not have the time or the motivation to go to the gym? A big chunk of the population probably fits into that category. We are busy, and when we finally have a little down time from work and family commitments, going to the gym can seem like just one more chore.

Now there is a solution for busy people who want nice abs. The Slendertone as seen at is a device that is designed to firm and strengthen your abdominal muscles with very little effort. You put it around your waist for about a half hour a day and wear it as you go about your normal routine. The belt administers an electronic muscle stimulation that causes your muscles to contract.

The user's’ guide says that your abs will contract about 150 times in a half hour session, and that the contractions are much deeper than those you receive by doing traditional exercises like crunches and sit ups. So now, you can treat yourself to a little browsing time on Hubpages or Pinterest, or any other spot you like to browse on the internet and you can do it without guilt because you will be working out at the same time!