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Top 3 Tips For How To Host A Spa Party For Kids

Select A Setting For The Kids Spa Party

First, you have to pick the party venue. You can decide to go with a local spa party company, just put a term like “girl spa birthday party places near me” into a search engine. That option is a lot more expensive, of course, because they take all the work out of it! 

Or you can throw a spa party at home for kids. You can even plan your birthday party with the help of companies like

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That will be way cheaper but more work to plan and host a spa party. However, the work can be kind of fun if you get into the spirit of it!

Spa Party Decoration Ideas

Your little ones will relish the responsibility of making party decorations and enjoy the excitement of the build-up to the big bash.

One way of harnessing this enthusiasm is by encouraging your child to make bunting adorn the yard. You can cut triangle shapes out of old pieces of colorful cloth, attach them to a long length of rope and string them up in the trees.  Or fold colorful doilies in half and attach them to string.

One area can be decorated like a tea party area with teacups and flowery table clothes. Pretty fresh flowers are a nice touch too.

Adopt a Theme For Your Kids Spa Party

Whether you settle on a rainbow, garden tea party, unicorn, or fairy princess theme, this adds an extra element of fun. It is a great way to show your daughter that you notice the things she likes and that is important to you. Fancy dress is a fun theme too and is always open to interpretation whilst inspiring imaginative and memorable outfits.

Party invitations can be made in keeping with the chosen theme – so cut them into the shape of a nail polish bottle or fold them like the fluttering wings of a butterfly.