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Wedding Menu Trend – Food Trucks

By now, most people are probably familiar with the comfort food trend that has been so popular for wedding receptions in recent years. This desire for familiar and unpretentious fare has been taken to the next level with one of the newest wedding trends. The hippest wedding receptions these days feature food trucks as part of the menu.

You may wonder how a food truck can be incorporated into an elegant wedding. The answer is that it is actually pretty easy, as long as the reception will take place outdoors. In many instances, the food truck is in addition to a more standard presentation of food. It could be a special feature for the cocktail hour, part of the main dinner time, or a late night surprise.

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I Had a Food-Truck Wedding (and It Was Awesome) Kitchn

It is not too hard to find a food truck to come to your wedding, since most of them operate during the day, and most wedding receptions take place later in the evening. It is generally just a matter of coordinating your favorite street vendor with your wedding reception venue coordinator.

Food truck fare is uncomplicated by definition. Couples usually just choose whatever they love the best. It might be a hot dog truck, one serving burritos, a pizza van, or even an ice cream truck (so fun for a summer wedding!). If you don't have room for an entire truck at your reception, you can hire a vendor with a push cart. That is also a great option for bringing this concept indoors. You could have a cotton candy cart, a fresh popcorn man, or whatever else strikes your fancy.