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What Goes On Inside Modern Shock Absorbers?

Shock absorbers or suspension supports play a very important role in every vehicle. It is an essential part of any suspension system, so it needs to be replaced regularly to ensure superior performance. In the previous times, they consisted mostly of a strong coil spring that wrapped them around, a cast iron rod, and lastly the tunnel in which this knot was wrapped.

Whereas in the past shock absorbers consisted of fewer than five parts, most modern ones today consist of more than ten parts that move at the same time for a smoother and sleeker ride. Some of them are valves, springs, main rods, piston rods, pistons, tubes, and caps. Each of these parts has its own function, but they all work in a way that makes for a great suspension system. To install these shock absorbers in your vehicle you can click this link and find out a mechanic for this service.

What Are Shock Absorbers and How Do They Work?

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The valves are installed separately and also have their own small parts, each of which helps ensure that the valve works properly when it is finally installed with other internal parts. The piston ring assembly is also another internal part consisting of the valve assembly, piston ring, and coil spring, piston rod, and cap.

The main coil spring is then placed in a tubular box along with several other parts, after which the main rod follows and is held in place by a series of rigid plastic holders. This will now form the chamber below the shock absorbers. The piston and valve are then placed over the second workspace and sealed so that there is no air gets inside so as to ensure maximum compression.