About Bravo Airlines

Bravo Airlines was founded in Madrid in March 2004, with the aim of providing scheduled flights within the African Continent, as well as connections between said Continent and Europe. The disappearance of several African companies in those countries where Bravo Airlines is considering service, [Air Afrique, Air Zaire, etc] leads them to believe in the viability of an operation such as the one they are proposing. A project based on a regular scheduled operation, with European standards for crew, maintenance, reliability, safety and passenger care and service.

The study of current fares in these markets, as well as the aircraft that are flying in to these countries, leads them to the conclusion that there exists an enormous possibility for competition and business.

The economic situation, combined with the agreements by the world's eight richest countries (G8) for their commitment to promote stability and economic development in this area of Africa, will serve as further incentive for growth and potential in this region. Additionally, there exists business opportunities as a result of continued population increases, and the sheer size of the territory that is encompassed in the countries of West Africa.

Bravo airlines is the result of the union between the Spanish Aviation Group Bravo Airlines and numerous private Congolese investors. The goal of Bravo Air Congo is to operate their African routes using the same standards and operating procedures that are applied in Western Europe.

The selection of their aircraft has been made based on the characteristics of each airport and the distance of their flight routes. All have been specifically reviewed by either the Spanish Aviation Authorities, the FAA (American Civil Aviation) and with the supervision of the Congolese DGAC.

Buying Tickets on Bravo Airlines

e-ticket is now the standard ticket format for Bravo Airlines, making flight ticketing more straightforward, flexible and secure.

e-ticket is an electronic ticketing system that securely stores all ticket details in the Bravo Airlines computer system. Rather than being issued a conventional paper ticket, your booking and ticket details are kept securely on our system and you are given an e-ticket Receipt.

e-tickets are easy to use and offer you many benefits:

  • e-tickets are safe and secure - your ticket details are securely stored on the Bravo Airlines computer system which means there is no need to send you a paper ticket.
  • e-tickets are flexible and convenient - e-ticket enables you to manage your booking with ease as it reduces the need for face to face contact.
  • e-tickets are easy to use - e-ticket is designed to make your journey experience from booking to boarding as fast and hassle-free as possible.

e-ticket benefits for you:
The tickets are stored electronically, which makes them more flexible than paper ticket:

  • No need to wait for paper tickets to arrive in the post.
  • e-tickets cannot be lost, forgotten or stolen.
  • e-ticket lets you amend your flight details up to 30 minutes before minimum check-in times, subject to the normal fare restrictions.
  • Ticketing is faster: Ticket changes can be made over the telephone, and reduces the need for face-to face changes.
  • Easy and simple to read e-ticket receipt.