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August 2017

About Airline Customer Service

There comes a time when a pair of trains are getting closer to each other and increasing the speed, which you know will leave you at least in fear of an accident and in flames and explosions of flying metal. You know it’s just a few moments away.

You know you need a part of you, but you can’t getaway. This is the feeling that I have these days as I watch the airline industry. There they are flying with absolute, reckless abandon and it is only a matter of time before a few hits occur.

I’m not sure what they’ll do — for regulation, economic reality, competition from unseen airship companies — but I know when they hit it, it’s going to be awesome. Any good businessman knows one thing if he understands nothing else that customer service is critical to the company’s continued existence.

Ask any small business owner the secret to his success and the answer will usually have something to do with customer service. The most critical in terms of client comfort were United Airlines and Airways, which ranked next and last and last respectively. Continental and Airways had the biggest declines, with double-digit declines.

Unlike many other goods and services, airline passengers mainly shop by price. This leads to a business model where cost-cutting to allow lower fares is more practical than a model that supports improvements in service and facilities that will help justify more realistic ticket prices.