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Be Careful What Goes Into Your Shipping Crates

When you are packing up a house ready to move to a new country abroad, it can be tempting when you are not dealing with fragile items, just to pile things into a crate and get it over with. No one really likes packing that much and so if the things won't get broken, you might wonder why it is worth spending your time sorting through things.

One of the main reasons is that you are simply not allowed to send whatever you like into most countries.  If it is and then it is discovered by customs then you could find yourself having to deal with very big problems indeed.

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Some things are common sense, such as firearms and flammable materials, but items such as plants might catch people out. If you are sending items over by air rather than by ship then there will be even more things that are on the prohibited list, such as aerosols and perfume.

It is always the individual's responsibility to make sure that what goes into the crates is allowed, but by employing the services of a specialized international removal company you will probably be able to save yourself a lot of time.

The leading firms will deal with this kind of situations every single day and so they will know what to look out for and they could help stop you getting into a whole heap of trouble – not something you need when you have just moved to a new country.