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Family Governance Can Help Preserve Your Family Wealth In Hong Kong

Inherited wealth can be a blessing or a curse. This can enable families to enjoy freedom and comfort throughout their lives and to make a positive contribution to society. 

To maintain and develop financial wealth, families must focus on increasing their human and spiritual wealth. A family that considers this source of wealth is much more likely to be willing to increase their wealth for future generations. You can get family wealth services in Hong Kong from various web sources.

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A narrow focus on only financial wealth, while it deserves its place, often overlooks the bigger picture of wealth, which can lead to problems. Preserving family wealth, officially called inheritance planning, is a process consisting of these important steps:

Arrange the retreat in a quiet, secluded location to ensure you are free from distractions. The purpose of this gathering is to convene a high-quality, insightful, and thoughtful session dedicated to defining the hearts and souls of wealth creators and their families.

This step may be a bit more challenging as the heirs will attend this meeting and problems may arise. This meeting requires a bit more preparation.

Telephone interviews before each heirs meeting are often helpful and are conducted by a moderator or a trained member of the family psychology team. 

This event marked the beginning of family management. All immediate family, inheritance planning coaches, and trained family counselors should be present. 

You will need to introduce family management ideas, review the different forms of wealth, and discuss the culture you want to create for your family.