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3 ply face mask

All You Need to Know about Surgical Mask

A surgical mask is free and disposable. They only cover your nose, chin, and mouth. Surgical masks are also known as antiviral face masks. This mask can only be used once and then thrown into the trash, for later disposal and reuse.

Antiviral face masks come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You will need to tie the mask behind your ear or put a rubber band behind your ear to cover your mouth, nose, and chin. One can buy surgical masks online as they are not easily available in the market due to the high demand.

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N95 breathing mask

Currently, n95 breathing masks are available in large quantities due to the increasing demand. Most of our health professionals prefer it because there are patients with COVID-19 surrounding them. Businesses buy N95 masks online to protect their healthcare professionals.

This mask is not available in various sizes. This is a mask that is suitable to wear properly. Otherwise, it won't protect you. Buying an N95 mask online gives you options for a great price and a discounted price. This mask is provided for healthcare professionals when treating infected patients


We would like to encourage you to use more homemade cloth masks because they are cheap and easy to sew or buy. However, if you frequently go to the market once or twice a day, continue to use a surgical mask with other basic kits. If you are a health care professional, use only an N95 breathing mask to protect yourself from infected patients.